Homeowners should expect more! Uneven temperatures, excessive dust and high energy bills do not have to be the norm! Let's see how we can make your home the best it can be!


Enjoy the ultimate in 
home COMFORT. 

Uneven temperatures throughout your home is a common problem with a simple solution. Temperatures that vary from room to room are due to air escaping through leaks in your home's ductwork - these leaks prevent the conditioned air from flowing  into your living space. Sealing your ducts will allow your system to properly heat and cool your home by keeping conditioned air exactly where you want it - giving you the ultimate in home comfort.  

Breathe HEALTHIER air and REDUCE dust.

If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, you want to make your home as healthy as possible. Pollutants like pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander and dust are common triggers for allergies and asthma. Leaky ductwork in your home will force unhealthy air into your living space; unhealthy air from your attic, crawlspace, basement or even from behind walls. Sealing your ducts will eliminate entrance points for pollutants to enter your home and leave you with the healthy air you and your family deserve to breathe. 

PROTECT and PROLONG your heating/cooling equipment.

SAVE money on your 
energy costs.

Every penny counts - so don't let leaky ducts suck your piggy bank dry! On average, 30 cents of every dollar spent on heating and cooling is wasted because of leaks in ductwork. If your system seems to run constantly and if you have higher than expected utility bills, stop wasting your money! Sealing your ducts can help seal in the savings. 

You want your HVAC system to last as long as possible - nobody gets excited to go shopping for a new one! And if you have a high efficiency system, you expect to get what you paid for! SEER and AFUE are efficiency ratings - like MPG for a car. Much like if there were holes in your gas tank, if you have holes in your ductwork, your system will not perform as expected. Sealing your ducts will protect and prolong the life of your HVAC system.  

The duct sealing application has made a huge difference in the quality of our 1959 one floor home. This past week of frigid weather was a good test. The new thermostat has remained at 72 degrees during the low temperatures below zero. The whole house feels much more consistently warm in each room. - Tom G.

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Your family. 
Your home.

Let's make it the healthiest & most comfortable place you spend your time!  

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How Efficient is Your Heating & Cooling?

The efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps are measured by the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of the system. The higher the SEER, the more efficiently it is designed to operate. Furnaces are measured by AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency); AFUE is represented by a percentage. For example, a 90% AFUE is a furnace that is 90% efficient; it outputs 90 BTUs of useful heating for every 100 BTUs of fuel input. 

Most consumers will look for products that have earned the ENERGY STAR label - ENERGY STAR has become synonymous with energy efficiency. 

BUT...if all ducts leak, and if you have leaky ducts, are you really getting what you paid for? See the answer below:  

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“Before sealing our ducts, there was a temperature differential of 15 degrees between the basement and the second floor. We had to run a single room AC unit in our master bedroom to get it cool at night. But now, the biggest temperature difference has been within 3 degrees! No more room AC unit for us! We are big fans of the Aeroseal process and we have told all of our friends!” - Andrew & Erica M.

“Since we had Aeroseal done at our home, our comfort level has improved exponentially! The dust in our home has also decreased and our utility bills have dropped! When we buy a new home, we will make sure to have Aeroseal done there too!” - Linda J.

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How comfortable is your home? How important is the air quality? 

Source: Comfort Institute. Based on Department of Energy Research and FL Energy Office Research Report: FSEC-CR-397-91 Degradation above is typical. Impact is up to 50% greater on AC performance if return air leakage is from a hot attic or attached garage. Impact is typically 50% to 100% greater on winter heating performance of a heat pump with electric resistance auxiliary heat.

Energy savings calculations are estimates only. Results may vary. There are many factors including climate, home construction style, thermostat settings and others that can affect energy consumption.

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